~Sarah and Monte Walker, Whitefish home owners~

“At this point we are totally satisfied with the project and impressed with your problem solving abilities. In the past 6 months we have dealt with incredible problems with the service industry, mainly our new appliances, car problems, moving hassles etc, which has made us kind of hypersensitive.  You guys have restored our faith and we would highly recommend Mindful Designs to anyone we talk to or know of that is building or needs a project completed.”

Project scope: design and build garage to compliment existing home; complete an extensive finish carpentry punch-list on interior and exterior items of main house;



~Erik & Kristin Bodeen-Client –MDI~

“Looking back on the process of designing and building a custom home – our initial concerns were considerable. Do we have the time and energy to the progress of our contractor? Will we come in on or near budget? Can we be in the home before the holidays?
Thankfully we made the right choice in contractor to ensure the right answers to all of our questions, as MDI’s detailed and organized processes were instrumental in our success. The ‘PUBA’ details where actual costs relative to estimates, and highlights for client requested changes with associated costs and timelines. Each week we were able to easily understand how we fared against our budget and subsequently plan accordingly – a vital tool when working on a budget of any size. Another routine communication from the MDI team is the WINN list – short for “What I Need Now.”

When people ask us how it was to work with MDI, three questions that come up most often: 1) How much over budget did you go? 2) Did you get to move in on time? and 3) Would you use your contractor again? Our answers are: 1) We were within 2% of budget (without our mid-project change requests), 2) We moved within 10 days of the original completion estimate from MDI, and 3) ABSOLUTELY!

To give an idea of the quality of the home construction, we had a neighbor who is an engineer
comment that “Your home is being built better than most bank buildings!”This comment was just one of many that reinforced to us that we had made the right choice in choosing MDI as our General Contractor.

We are completely satisfied with our new home, and enjoy each day here knowing that we have an attractive, healthy, and quality built home from Mindful Designs.”




~Chance Barrett, Assistant Vice President, Glacier Bank~

“My past experiences on construction projects with the Mindful Design team have been nothing but honest and reliable. They are a group that has demonstrated attention to detail and quality in all of our joint projects. I have and will continue to feel very comfortable with any projects that we work together on due to their past ability to appropriately manage a construction project.”




~Andy & Shona Potts- Client –MDI~

“My wife and I recently purchased property in Whitefish, dated to the early 80s. Renovations

were needed. We had an idea of what we were looking to achieve, but where do we start? We

required a contractor that would take care of the project and our interests on a daily basis as

we lived out of town. Talking with some friends, Mindful Designs was recommended to us. At

our initial meeting with Mindful Designs ,they listened to what we were trying to achieve with

the budget we had in mind and told us what we could and could not do. A budget costing

spread sheet allowed us to follow the project and the actual costing as it progressed, which

was very helpful. All this being said my wife and I wish to thank Dave, Jason, Marty and all the

team from Mindful Designs for bringing our vision to reality and looking after our interests,

many thanks guys.”






~Nathaniel M. Pulsifer –MDI Client~
“Mindful Designs was great to work with. In the space of a week of meeting them, we arrived at a plan for the extensive renovation of my home, settled on all our materials, and then I left the job up to them on a time and materials basis and returned to Colorado. Exhibiting considerable
creativity and requiring very little direction, MDI crew tackled a tough renovation on an old home, and produced excellent results on time and at a very reasonable cost, and I never once questioned their billing. They operated with integrity and honesty at all times. I was able to move in to a completely updated home with everything complete, just 8 weeks after starting the job. Most importantly, a million small decisions were made well, and made without taxing my time at all, and these decisions were made keeping my bottom line in mind.
I’ve recommended Mindful Designs to friends and will continue to use them on
future projects, and trust them completely.”




~Peggy King- Client –MDI~

“Not only has your company fulfilled my expectations, you also succeeded in giving me the

customer service that many businesses no longer think important…

Last but not least was the incredible attention to detail…You did not stop at the minimum

requirement…but went many steps further in assuring me that safety, longevity and aesthetics

were of utmost importance.”





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