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Backup Generator

One of our current construction projects is in an extremely remote location in the hills above Whitefish MT.  This house is designed and built with many above code energy saving components.  The installation and performance of these systems is being third party verified in the field on the way to Energy Star Certification for this home.

In case of an emergency, the home has been wired to run the critical circuits when the utility fed power grid goes down.   The critical circuits for the home include well pump, LED lighting throughout the home, refrigerator, freezer, Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), ground source heat pump with Unico High Velocity Heat Distribution system, garage door opener, etc. from a propane backup generator. This gives the Clients incredible peace of mind knowing that all the critical functions of the home can operate for months at a time with no utility grid power running off the buried propane tank.

The backup generator is permanently located on a concrete slab outside of the home and is extremely quiet to operate.  The generator is connected to the power grid so that its battery stays charged and it will turn on automatically in case of power failure.  This model propane generator has been field proven in MT for years and should last the life of the home.


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