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A look at the Kitchen

Whether you are planning a remodel or planning for new construction, the kitchen is such an important room in the home and deserves extra attention.  For years the kitchen has been the heartbeat of the home and the place where people congregate.  It has become the room where the homework is done, entertaining happens and family time may take place here.  It is important to spend a little extra time designing the kitchen so you love every minute you spend there.

As shown in the pictures below of a recent remodel, opening up the kitchen can give the entire home a new feel and energy about it.





When you start thinking about the design of your kitchen, it is important to really concentrate on your needs and how you plan on using the space.  Is it open to other rooms?  Do you need a desk space for homework or work?  Is there a view you would like to capture?  Do you have a specific feature in the kitchen you want to highlight?  What kinds of natural lighting do you, or will you have in the room?  What kind of eating space do you want in the kitchen vs. the dining room, or is the dining room separate?  Have you thought about appliances?  There are many other questions that need to be answered, but having a general idea of what you are looking for is a great start.