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Double Stud Wall Home

After being quiet on the blog for a couple months, it is time to give an update to all of our readers.  In the last couple of months we have been busy in the field completing a number of new construction projects and we are moving right into drying in a double stud wall home and working on some fun new designs as well as some remodels

The double stud wall home is an ultra-efficient framed home built with numerous energy conservation measures including air sealed drywall and framing techniques, above code insulation and thermal envelope, geothermal heating, a Heat Recovery Ventalator (HRV -for energy savings while providing fresh air for the best interior air quality) are just a few of the features of this custom home.

The double stud walls system is constructed by having a 2×6 load bearing stud-wall, then an air space to prevent thermal bridging, then a second interior non – load baring 2 x 4 stud-wall.  The bottom plates and all corner framing are sealed with beads of mastic during construction.  The wide cavity walls are then completely filled with cellulose insulation.  The window bucks and the perimeter of all drywall are also sealed with mastic.  All perforations of the thermal envelope (outlets, lights, vents, etc) are then completely sealed with sprayfoam and/or mastic.  This system creates an extremely efficient building envelope with managed air exchange via the HRV.  In addition to this, the traditional framing is from local small diameter timber which is abundant and a very renewable resource.  The insulation is cellulose which is a recycled product, this is a very environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient building system.