SIPS Panels

Mindful Designs is dedicated to building  energy efficient and healthy homes. Every home and client has a unique ultimate plan for the outcome and performance of their home and MDI takes on each project with an open mind.  From one project to another, there is always variation among the following: client goals; actual house design;  budget allowances/constraints;  payback time period that we are calculating for; and site-related environmental factors.  At the end of our analysis,  the perfect solution may be a double stud wall construction, a SIPs roof panel system, typical construction with above-code insulation, a geothermal heating/cooling system, a passive solar home design…..the possible list and the combinations of different ideas are virtually limitless.  The important thing to us is to make sure we are making educated decisions along the way and dealing with each situation and client with an approach catered to their specific situation.

We are building a home for a client whose energy efficient solution included the following: SIPS panels for the central roof system; attic air sealing techniques on the flat ceilinged trussed roof sections to either side (spray foam sealing on the truss heals, drywall seams, wall-to-ceiling junctions, and lid penetrations); and a flash-and-batt  system for the exterior walls (1.5″ 1/2 lb spray foam with 4″  damp blown cellulose).  The house has a high-efficiency gas boiler with 1.5″ of gypcrete in between the subfloor and the finished flooring.    Cooling in the house for summer months will not be necessary due to glazing direction, thermal mass, and the “cooling-tower effect” that we will be able to generate using the clerestory windows in the central vaulted section of the home.  All of our tighter homes are enhanced with an HRV that will be wired to run intermittently.  Of course, we worked closely with our clients to design the perfect home for their needs.

Now, enough of the nerdy, science-related stuff — don’t get me wrong, we love this part of it; it’s actually fairly straight-forward and simple for us to navigate the variables and arrive at the correct performance-related solutions for any given project. Usually, though, the most fun part of the project for ourselves and  our clients is the artistic and creative process whereby their home becomes a unique work of art which is reflective of the owner’s personal tastes, lifestyle and aesthetic goals.  On this particular project, we have designed and are continuing to design quite a number of fun details and features which we look forward to showing off on future blogs as well as next years Parade of Homes….stay tuned….carlburg resized carlburg resized2

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