At Mindful Designs, we have a clear objective to minimize the impact on the Environment throughout the Construction Phase of the proposed buildings – this includes a minimized site-impact strategy AND a formal or informal life-cycle analysis of the materials used throughout the building. In other words, our objective is to build homes that require less from the environment to build, and less to maintain through the years.


Another focus at Mindful Designs is minimizing the environmental impact of the building after its completion by consciously building a product that will perform exceptionally well for a long time-period. The building design and site development must harmonize with the solar, water and ecological life-cycles in its immediate environment. Like an efficient machine, we aim to build high-performance homes in terms of energy use. Building a home is an important endeavor and a large investment in time and money, therefore, efficiency in performance is always central to our designs and systems.


The completed building must ensure a safe and healthy interior environment for all of its occupants throughout the life of the building. Air quality is the main focus of this component and is factored into Material Selection, Structure Design, and Performance System Specification and Design. A wise inclusion of natural lighting, an appropriate merging of the outdoors with the indoors, and an ergonomic design that flows with the lifestyle of the building’s primary occupants are all other examples that contribute toward a healthy home environment.