As our growing energy and resource demands greatly exceed the sustainable global supply, the environment surrounding us strains from exponential and irresponsible human development. All of us at Mindful Designs are passionate and talented individuals who choose to dedicate our careers in response to this situation. We want to pick up the torch where our like-minded predecessors have brought it, and help carry it into the 21st century. By providing a shifting paradigm for our children to grow up in, future generations can enjoy and foster a legacy we are perpetuating. A place where it is the norm to build and live within thought-out, energy efficient, healthy, comfortable and responsible homes. To the best of our capacity, we stand committed to “building a better future.” This concept provides the backbone of our philosophy. We also believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clientele. For us, this means presenting realistic budgets, standing behind our word, and maintaining sincere enthusiasm and conscientiousness throughout their projects.

  • Uphold quality in our work—both in structural integrity and attention to detail
  • Act with high levels of professionalism, especially in terms of meeting budgets
  • Do what we say we are going to do, and exceed expectations whenever possible
  • Nurture long-term relationships with our clientele, subcontractors and within our team
  • Regularly pursue continued education and community involvement to maintain a lead role in the local Green Building industry