Are you getting YOUR Energy Efficiency Tax Credit?

The Residential Energy Efficiency Credit as well as the American Taxpayer Relief Act are currently offering tax relief for energy efficient installations in new construction AND remodels.  MDI has had success in the past with these types of programs and has been able to assist Clients in getting tax credits and incentives when they have installed qualifying components.  As the federal and state government and local utility companies see the benefit of installing energy conserving components they are offering an increasing number of kickbacks to the public.  MDI, and our knowledgeable team of subcontractors, have successfully been able to participate in the following programs:  Energy Star, Montana Home, Flathead Electric Cooperative incentive and loan program, Geothermal tax credits and Air Source Heat Pump Credits.  Feel free to call us to discuss any building projects that you have in mind and we can discuss the potential for them to qualify for these and other incentive programs.

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