We have just finished working with Mindful Designs, Inc., for nearly 2 years to design and construct a residential home. We have been thoroughly impressed with them throughout the entire process. They exemplify truly custom home builders, and they bleed green.
The design process was a true collaboration between Mindful Designs and us. Most suggestions were met with a “can do” response. We were consistently presented with the budget and sustainability consequences of each decision, and allowed to pick almost a la carte between design and finish options with these facts before us. The ultimate design of the home meets our lifestyle and minimal environmental impact goals.
The energy, enthusiasm, and expertise of Mindful Designs shined brightest during the build. They take pride in their craftsmanship, and we had no fears that they were cutting corners on our project. Our building site presented logistical challenges in organizing the build and all the subcontractors, and we were impressed with Mindful Designs in how they navigated an efficient build. It is our opinion that they treat their subcontractors fairly and with respect, and it seemed this integrity was rewarded with nearly all the subcontractors doing their part the right way at just the right time. At a recent homeowners association meeting, it was unanimous that Mindful Designs was far and away the most cooperative and conscientious contractor to ever build in our neighborhood.
We also appreciated the transparency of the entire build of the home. We always felt welcome on the site, and were allowed to work collaboratively with Mindful Designs during the build to make minor changes to make the end product just what we wanted. It seemed that everything was done much above code, and they understand what they do as well as why they do it.
On time and on budget is a lofty goal of any start to finish product, and Mindful Designs did a very good job of this. They understand that most budgets are not bottomless, and they take pride at the transparency and accuracy of their budgeting process and project management. The home was finished on schedule and at 103% of the projected cost, and most of the 3% contingency funds used were due to upgrade decisions we made during the build to make the home exactly as we wanted. We were also able to make change orders not only to upgrade lines but also to downgrade others to offset.
And about them bleeding green, the way they live and the way they build homes is great for the earth. Environmental impact is considered with nearly every decision. We were impressed with how they recycled and minimized waste during the building process. Instead of a big dumpster at the site, they used only a small trailer that infrequently made trips from the site, pulled by trucks running on biodiesel. Their subcontractors also follow suit, and we were happy to see the floor installer using for the first time no-VOC adhesive and the cabinet maker enthused at using a water based poly for the cabinet finishes. The end product is a truly custom home, built with excellent craftsmanship, on time, and on budget. Best of all, it has unsurpassed indoor air quality, is efficient in design, flow, and energy use, and treads very lightly on the environment.
Erik and Andrea Schroeder
Grouse Mtn. Estates, Whitefish

My wife and I recently purchased property in Whitefish, dated to the early 80s. Renovations were needed. We had an idea of what we were looking to achieve, but where do we start? We required a contractor that would take care of the project and our interests on a daily basis as we lived out of town. Talking with some friends, Mindful Designs was recommended to us. At our initial meeting with Mindful Designs, they listened to what we were trying to achieve with the budget we had in mind and told us what we could and could not do. A budget costing spread sheet allowed us to follow the project and the actual costing as it progressed, which was very helpful. All this being said my wife and I wish to thank Dave, Jason, Marty and all the team from Mindful Designs for bringing our vision to reality and looking after our interests, many thanks guys.

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express my great satisfaction with the work performed over the past several years for us. Mindful Designs has demonstrated from the very beginning great care and attention to detail with big projects (framing and siding our home) in addition to numerous smaller projects ranging from storage shed construction in addition to a difficult add-on project, including an exterior attached pump house. They have always demonstrated great care in completing a job thoroughly. In addition, if there were any issues or questions to arise, they are more than willing to come back to readily address these (by the way, there was only one call back for a small door issue). In addition, their finish work is outstanding. These add-on projects we have asked them to do over the past several years looks as good as our home, and in no way appear to be a project completed at a later date.
In short, I would highly recommend Mindful Designs for any of your construction projects ranging from framing and completion of your residence to smaller projects. Their attention to detail, ease in interaction as well as attention to details on follow-up is without peer. There is no other firm I would call for our construction needs in the future.
Richard G Friedman, MD

“In 2005 my wife and I visited The Flathead valley for the first time. Like most people we fell in love with it and decided we would look for a home in the area. After a year of looking we found what we referred to as “an Expensive Fixer Upper”. We knew we had a great location but were also in need of a contractor. After many attempts to find someone we settled on a contractor that we soon learned was not reputable or honest. We had them finish what we had intended them to do. We still had more work to do so we decided to wait and make sure we found the Right contractor.
I first became familiar with Mindful Designs while flying out to our home. A gentleman sitting next to me was describing work he had done to his house in Whitefish. He had mentioned Mindful Designs. I decided to do some background checking on my own and after six months I decided to give them a call.
I first spoke to Dave Radatti and he came out to the house for an initial visit. After that Dave put together some computer drawings of what our project would look like as well as a budget. We were impressed with what we saw and decided to go with Mindful Designs.
Throughout the process the team was very involved with our project and gave us continual updates on the budget as well as the project. With their experience they were able to how ways to actually reduce costs. We also found the sub contractors they used were all reputable and honest. In fact we have used several of them for other projects. We have total confidence that if Jason, Dave and Marty recommend something it would be the same thing they would do to their own house. We have total confidence in their work and judgment. That’s why we have continued to use them and will in the future.