who we are

The founders of Mindful Designs have a passionate vision for creating a design-build company with a focus for responsible development. We have created a service, available to the public that is  capable of effectively producing inspiring homes while paying close attention to energy efficiency, house longevity, and a healthy and comfortable environment for those within. In addition, we know that through wisely considering land and resource use, development can occur while promoting a healthy, rather than debilitating relationship with the environment. Mindful Designs  makes a positive impact on the inevitable development that is to take place in our beautiful northwest Montana. Our wish is to invite you onto our team. Together, we can bring to life a dream home that uniquely reflects your lifestyle, setting, and well-being.


Our unique ability to combine real world building and pricing experience with the creative side of design offers you, our Clients, the ability to be part of an interactive design and budget process.  This process provides you with progressive performance and budgetary feedback during the design process to actually empower you to make informed decisions in order to design what you want to pay to build.  We have heard great feedback from our Clientele and the banking industry about how this pre-construction process makes for a very efficient design process that transitions smoothly to a well orchestrated build which creates a very pleasant Client experience.



  • Site Analysis
  • Feasiblitly Analysis
  • Design
  • 2D plan set drafting that is “build ready”
  • 3D interior and exterior rendeirngs and “fly throughs”
  • Thermal Envelope Analysis
  • Sun Modeling
  • Energy Modeling
  • Mechanical system analysis
  • Finish Material Specifications
  • Accurate Build Budgeting
  • Liscenced and Insured General Contractor
  • Experience with the following Build Systems:
  • ICF Systems (including Durisol/Fastwall as well as XPS systems)
  • Advanced Framing Techniques with Stud Framing
  • Structural Insulated  Panel (SIPs) wall and roof systems
  • Double Stud Wall Homes
  • Grid Intertie Homes