New Construction and Happy Clients

This MDI design and build has an exterior that shows modern lines clad with local and enduring materials.  The landscape is scheduled for next month, however you can currently see beds of Arnica, Oregon Grape, and Native Pine Grass are coming back up in front of the home.  Even after a few months of living in this home, the homeowner tells us that the lines of the home still make them smile every time they come home.
This home has custom steel counter-tops to compliment the steel/timber stairs and rails.  The home also has custom ‘in house designed and fabricated’ interior lights – over dining table, and steel pipe ceiling mounted in living room and
The above code energy package with air seal techniques and full spray foam attic assembly make this home comfortable and energy efficient for the home owner year round.  In fact, the home owner recently told us that since they moved in a few months ago, that they like it so much they don’t feel like going out to dinner and drinks as much – just want to hang at home, and their guest have been giving them tons of compliments.  We are so happy they are as please with the outcome of their home as we are.

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