Oldest New Home on the Hill
New Construction, Reclaimed Material


Mindful Designs is a General Contractor known for building high quality homes focusing on comfort and health of the occupants, as well as energy efficency and longevity. Mindful Designs is ready to build your completed designs for a new construction or remodels. No matter how challenging the build Mindful Designs delivers the most lasting value for your building dollar.


MINDFUL DESIGNS has full CAD and 3D design and drafting capabilities to model your design ideas on accurate site plans. We have developed a workflow to provide clean client communication and provide the most efficient and linear progression from your rough concepts to final build plans.


We provide detailed build budgeting, project feasibility, zoning and site analysis as part of our services. When interactive design is combined with our ability to provide accurate real world building cost projections the Client can make informed decisions during the design process, in order to design not only what the Client wants, but what they want to pay to build. This connection between design and budget in a progressive manner avoids the pitfalls associated with the industry standard design processes.